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Wait List Status

  • TGHA will review applications for completion and initial eligibility requirements. 
  • Applicants should maintain the email address used to submit their application.
  • TGHA does not provide emergency housing.
  • TGHA cannot anticipate when an applicant's name will be selected from the waiting list.
  • TGHA will not provide additional information on waiting list status other than the information reflected on this website.
  • Applicants will be notified by U.S. Postal Service standard mail and/or email of any scheduled appointments.
  • Changes will only be accepted on-line through TGHA's website at Application Update or in writing and addressed to TGHA's Customer Service Department at 122 Edinburgh Court, Greenville, SC 29607.
  • TGHA is not responsible for any misdirected mail or email due to:
    • an applicant's failure to report a change of address to TGHA; or
    • address incorrectly listed on the application or update forms; or
    • difficulties receiving mail from the specific address listed on the application or update form. (i.e., broken mail box, Post Office delivery, person at the mailing address did not give mail to applicant, etc.
  • TGHA will not forward any undelivered mail that does not have a forwarding address on the returned envelope.