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Voluntary Conversion Resident Meeting

Click HERE to open Power Point document regarding the Voluntary Conversion Resident Meeting.



The Greenville Housing Authority will convert the remaining 155 Public Housing units to Project Based Vouchers under HUD's Streamlined Voluntary Conversion Program. Pursuant to the SVC guidelines, tenants will have the options listed below.

Option 1:
Tenant may stay in their current unit under a Project Based Voucher. A new lease will be issued at the time of conversion and must be in place a year before the resident may request a Tenant Based Voucher under Choice Mobility.

Option 2:
Tenant may stay in their current unit under a Tenant Based Voucher. A new lease will be executed at the time of conversion and must be in place a year before the tenant can take the voucher to the location of their choice.

Option 3:
Tenant may choose a Tenant Based Voucher at the time of conversion; they may then give their landlord a 30-day notice and move to a location of their choice with the voucher.



Q, Does this conversion give Section 8 vouchers to the residents in question?

A: Yes, the remaining 155 units of public housing in TGHA's inventory are converting to the Housing Choice Voucher program.

Q: Can I choose a house with a voucher if I take a Tenant Based Voucher now?

A: Vouchers can be utilized for many types of housing including apartments, single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. The payment standard assigned to a resident's voucher is based on bedroom size and ultimately dictates the unit a family may select.

Q: If I signed my lease at my current unit in March can I get a voucher and move now?

A: Vouchers will not be available until the approval process has occurred. No residents should move now, it will most likely be August before vouchers are issued to families wishing to take a Tenant Based Voucher now. If a tenant has signed a lease recently but chooses to take a Tenant Based Voucher now and move, they will be able to do that in this situation with a 30-day notice to their current landlord and it not be considered a lease violation.

Q: How long does a tenant have to find a unit once a voucher has been issued?

A: A voucher is good for 90 days from the time it is issued. If a family has not located another unit at the end of 90 days, they can stay at their current under a new 1-year lease. At the end of the year lease, they may begin the process again of locating another unit.
Families with disabilities may receive a 30-day extension with the proper documentation as a reasonable accommodation.

Q: What if a tenant is on the scattered sites waiting list and their name comes up?

A: The resident will be able to accept that unit if their name comes up, those decisions will be up to the resident.

Q: If a resident is due for annual recertification before vouchers are issued should they sign the new lease?

A: Yes, a current lease must be in place and the family must be in compliance with their lease. Additional details and dates will be provided as they become available.

Q: How does the process of finding a unit, finding landlords that take vouchers and paying rent work in the voucher system?

A: All residents that choose a Tenant Based Voucher will go through a briefing at the appropriate time where all of these questions are answered. TGHA staff will provide guidance on units that are available and accept vouchers but the ultimate responsibility for selecting a new unit will be up to the tenant.

Q: Can a resident qualify for a 2-bedroom voucher if they currently live in a 1-bedroom unit?

A: In some cases, a 2-bedroom unit may meet the payment standard for a 1 bedroom and that would qualify.

Q: Is voucher size determined by the unit a family is currently in?

A: No, voucher size is determined by family composition

Q: A tenant is expecting a baby in August and their lease comes due for renewal in August also, when should she plan to move?

A: No one has to move due to the conversion. All tenants have the option of staying in their current unit at the time of conversion. If a resident chooses to take a Tenant Based Voucher, they will need to provide a 30-day notice to their current landlord and begin looking for another unit. Vouchers are expected to be available on or around August 1, 2021. Each resident impacted will have individual meetings to help them determine the best option for their family.

Q: Will there be enough units available for families that choose to take a voucher and move now?

A: TGHA currently works with many landlords and provides resources to tenants making them aware of those properties but the choice of unit is ultimately the responsibility of the tenant.

Q: Does the voucher have to be utilized in Greenville County if a resident chooses to take a Tenant Based Voucher?

A: The voucher may be used anywhere in the US