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Strategic Goals

The goals below are a part of our 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. Status updates on each goal are listed under the Annual Plans; subheading titled Progress Reports

 I. REPOSITION THE PUBLIC HOUSING PORTFOLIO: To reposition our housing portfolio and lessen our dependence on federal funding we will continue to use the successes of the federal Mixed Finance program and the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program.

Heritage – This site is the remaining land on the former JJT HOPE VI Project. TGHA intends to solicit a new development partner and complete the development of approximately 72 senior units pursuant to the HUD-approved Revitalization Plan and the City-approved PUD amendment. | Completed 

Chamlee – This site is a vacant parcel remaining after the demolition of the Chamlee Court public housing community. TGHA intends to dispose of this site at fair market value and utilize the sales proceeds towards the other affordable housing projects detailed herein.

Scott Towers/Garden Apartments – TGHA will complete a Master Plan for the site to include the redevelopment of Garden apartments. A new development partner will be procured to redevelop the site in accordance with the Master Plan. The existing Garden units will be converted from Public Housing to Project Based voucher units under the RAD Program. | Anticipate financial closing in 2018

Westview Homes & Brookhaven – TGHA secured a development partner for the redevelopment of these sites. The overall redevelopment plan will include four components:

  • Phase I – The Manor at West Village - 55-unit new construction senior building. | Completed August 2016 
  • Phase II – The Harbor at West Village - Substantial rehabilitation of 57 multi-family units which includes the existing 55 units and 2 units currently used as the Resident Services Office; rehabilitation of the former Head Start Building for leasing; community space and Resident Services Offices. | Completed January 2018
  • Phase III – The Haven at West Village - 42-unit new construction senior building and a new leasing and community building.
  • Phase IV – The Gallery at West Village – demolition of 7 existing units; conversion of 18 one-bedroom units to 12 units with art studios; and rehabilitation of the remaining 66 units.| Completed November 2017

Scattered Sites – Of the existing 129 scattered site units, 14 are infeasible for repositioning and will be sold or demolished; 15 units will be sold to the existing tenants; and the remaining 100 units will be substantially rehabilitated and converted to Project Based Vouchers under the RAD Program.| Completed January 2018

Ridgeway Apartments – This 8-unit senior property will be converted from Public Housing to Project Based Vouchers under the RAD program. | Completed November 2017

Elderly Designation Plan – Submit a Designated Housing Plan to HUD for approval to designate Garden Apartments, Charleston Place, Ridgeway, and Arcadia (Senior) as occupancy by only elderly families. | Completed 

II. OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: The Greenville Housing Authority will continue to seek new business systems and improve existing work processes through an emphasis on technological innovations designed to improve customer service, enhance communication, and reduce administrative burden and intensity of paperwork.

1.   Upgrade antiquated communications infrastructure to include computer hardware/software, phone system, network, etc. | Completed 

2.   Secure Paperless Workflow Technology to increase operational efficiency.

  • Continue implementation of paperless system in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Department and begin incorporating paperless systems in the Low Rent Public Housing Department. | Completed 
  • Implement electronic signatures that comply with regulations, expedite business processes, and reduce operational costs.

3.   Update the agency's website and link it to a web portal that has access to the following portals: 

  • Landlord Portal for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program | Completed 
  • Tenant Portal for Low Rent Public Housing Residents
  • Tenant Portal for Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program participants 
  • Applicant Portal for Low Rent Public Housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher applicants | Completed 

4.   Create a Point of Purchase System for goods and services and eliminate/reduce on-site inventory. | Completed 

5.   Secure Office location for Scattered Site Units. | Completed 


1.   Sustainability through Diversification: 

  • Maximize use of Resources: Leverage current real estate assets to maximize return on investment that will assure organizational sustainability to continue to achieve the overall mission of the organization. | Ongoing
  • Partnerships: Seek private-public partnerships that maximize investment and seek new opportunities to generate additional revenue. | Ongoing 

2.   Sound Business Practices:

  • Superior Property Management: Exemplify qualities of a superior property management organization with regard to maintenance standards, tenant relations, leasing, communication, and financial performance. | Ongoing 
  • Superior Non-Profit Management: Exemplify the qualities of a superior non-profit organized for public benefit. Focus will be retained on effective, accessible services and community building practices that increase stability and self-sufficiency of TGHA residents. | Ongoing 
  • Superior Administration: Administer the rent subsidy program with specific focus on program integrity, participant and owner relations, responsiveness to community needs and financial performance. | Ongoing 
  • Superior Public Management: Exemplify the qualities of a well-run public agency through efficiency, fairness, and integrity; TGHA will promote values and practices in support of fairness among people of all races and classes. | Ongoing 

IV. MARKETING: Enhance TGHA's brand as a housing development entity through an effective marketing and communications plan.

1.   Strategically communicate TGHA's successes, initiatives, and capabilities to local leaders, businesses, stakeholders, and partners in an effort to enhance the awareness of TGHA's capabilities and contributions. | Ongoing 

2.   Create marketing material to reflect TGHA's new corporate brand (brochures, business cards, etc.). | Completed

3.   Increase TGHA's Internet presence to communicate with our partners and customers (link website to business portals for vendors, landlords, tenants, and applicants). | Completed 

4.   Effectively utilize social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) to market and enhance TGHA's Brand. | Completed 

5.   Host and/or ensure an active presence in housing related events (April – Fair Housing Month, June – Homeownership Month).| Ongoing 

6.   Publish an Annual Report, highlighting the agency's successes and initiatives. | Ongoing

V. RESIDENT STRATEGIES: Assist residents in gaining access to education, employment opportunities, and homeownership opportunities.

1.   Maintain Arcadia and other identified communities as stabilized homeownership communities.  | Ongoing

2.   Expand homeownership opportunities through the sale of 15 units. | Ongoing

3.   Expand homeownership opportunities  through the Section 8 Homeownership Program. | Ongoing

4.   Partner in an active advocacy role with local schools and colleges to facilitate access to educational opportunities for tenants. | Ongoing

5.   Ensure compliance with Section 3 in ensuring, to the greatest extent possible, job training, employment, and contract opportunities are made available to low or very low-income residents in connection with projects and activities in the neighborhoods where HUD funds are expended. | Ongoing

6.   Update the Low Rent Public Housing Lease Agreement. | Completed via RAD Conversion 

VI.    VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: To protect the rights of victims of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking to secure and maintain housing without being victimized a second time by being denied housing or losing housing because of the criminally violent acts perpetrated against them.

1.   Ensure that all applicants and participants of the Housing Authority know of their rights under the VAWA. | Ongoing

2.   Implement VAWA as victims come forward to claim their rights. | Ongoing

3.   Educate participating landlords to assist them to protect the rights of victims and to avoid evictions where the victim can certify they qualify for protection. | Ongoing

4.   Link victims with resources in the community that can assist them with services. | Ongoing

5.   Work with the Domestic Violence Shelter to develop housing options for victims of domestic violence. | Ongoing

6.   Policies prescribed in the Public Housing Admissions for Continued Occupancy and the Section 8 HCV Program Administrative Plan will ensure the following: | Completed

  • TGHA will not knowingly deny assistance to otherwise eligible applicants simply because they have been victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
  • TGHA will not knowingly terminate the assistance of otherwise compliant persons simply because they are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
  • TGHA will educate applicants and participants of their rights under VAWA.
  • TGHA will work to educate landlords about VAWA and the rights of victims under the act and to work with the landlord and the victims to protect the housing assistance of victims and their families.