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ONLINE POLL QUESTION | How Many Bedrooms Do You Need?



How many bedrooms do you need for your household?


With this poll we want to find out how many bedrooms you desire for your household. We realize how precious your time is, so we made sure this poll will only take a quick 30 seconds (really, we timed it). To participate, please click on the TGHA Housing Poll Question link, scroll to the bottom right hand corner of the page, select your answer and submit.  


Poll - No of Bedrooms Preferred

******The chart above reflects poll results as of November 23, 2018.*****


The results of this poll will be used in conjunction with TGHA’s waiting list and other market data to assist us in our efforts to develop more affordable housing options for families in the Greenville community.


Thank you for your participation!


TGHA’S General Rule for Determining Bedroom Sizes Per Household:

The subsidy standards for determining voucher size shall be applied in a manner consistent with Fair Housing guidelines. The standards in this section relate to the number of bedrooms on which subsidy will be paid, not the family's actual living arrangements. TGHA will allocate the voucher size based on one bedroom for each two persons in the household, except in the following circumstances:

  • Persons of the opposite sex (other than head/co-head, life-partners and children under the age of 6) will be allocated separate bedrooms.
  • Live-in aides will be allocated a separate bedroom but family members of the live in aide will not be allocated a separate bedroom.
  • Single parent and infants age 2 and under will be allocated a one bedroom.
  • A pregnant individual with no other children will be allocated a one bedroom.
  • Elderly (age 62 or older) and disabled single persons will be allocated a one bedroom. All other single persons will be allocated a zero bedroom.

The voucher size issued will generally be based on the following guidelines taking into consideration the subsidy standards described above.

Voucher Size