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TGHA's 80th Anniversary Celebration Photo Gallery


80th Event

November, 2, 2018, Greenville, SC .... Greenville Housing Authority’s 80th Anniversary celebration was held on September 27, 2018 at the Clemson ONE Center located in Downtown Greenville. Guest enjoyed networking over heavy hors d’oeuvres prepared by Memoirs Fine Catering and Event Planning, viewing historical displays, and inspirational remarks by keynote speaker Adrianne Todman, CEO of the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials.  Peter Byford, Chairman of the Greenville Housing Authority's Board delivered opening remarks. Special messages were delivered from SC State Representative Chandra Dillard, Mayor Knox White, and U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Southeast Region Director Denise Cleveland-Leggett. The celebration ended with a call to action and presentation of a Challenge Coin presented to all of the attendees as a keepsake in recognition of TGHA’s 80th Anniversary.




Click 80th Anniversary Photo Gallery to view the entire album.

 80th Anniversary Celebration Photo Gallery

Challenge Coin Origins

You may be wondering, why a Challenge Coin? When you think of it, many would fairly say the effort to provide safe, affordable housing to all is a kind of battle. On the military battlefield, one of the earliest known examples of monetary reward for valor was a valuable coin given in addition to the soldier’s required pay. It also served as encouragement for those soldiers to continue the fight with courage and determination. Some accounts say that the coin was specially minted with a mark of the legion from which it came, prompting many to hold on to their coins as a treasured memento and sign of commitment.

Challenge Coin

80th Anniversary Purpose

On September 27, 2018, TGHA presented this Challenge Coin to all of the attendees. We were honored to present the Challenge Coin to our guest as a reminder of the importance of our 80 years of work in the affordable housing arena. But it is also, as it is named, a ‘challenge’ to renew commitment and draw others to our cause. We are called to press ahead with unflinching valor; to forge new public/private partnerships in this very important cause of insuring that all our fellow citizens have safe, affordable housing. We hope that all of guest will keep the Challenge Coin close and that it would become a treasured memento of a better day.