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ADDENDUM No. 1R - NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE: Eight (8) Single-Family Homes & Various Vacant Parcels of Land!





 Questions 10 through 13 were submitted before the October 5th deadline, but were inadvertently omitted from the initial release of Addendum 1.

This Addendum applies to all questions received from interested bidders. All interested bidders shall include with their bid acknowledgement of receipt of this Addendum.  The Bid submittal deadline of October 22, 2018, on or before 2:00PM local time will remain the same.


Q = Questions

A = Answers (responses in BLUE ink)


Q1:  What is the specific address and location of the Nicholtown vacant parcel?

A1: The address “Nichol Street” noted on the tax map included in the Bid Packet is the only address identifier available. The parcel is located between Evergreen Place Apartments and the single-family  houses on Roosevelt Avenue.

Q2:  What is the actual area of the properties on Merry Dale Lane?

  1. For example, lot #18939 is listed in the TGHA notice as 1.08 acres, but appears to be more like a quarter of an acre. Lot numbers 18937 & 18938 also appear smaller than their listed areas, which are 1.38 and 1.17 acres, respectively.


    In 1997, the Army Corp of Engineers assessed this property and delineated 3 small areas of wetland. Are the underground springs still active?


    Is the $18,000 Fair Market Value shown on the County Tax website the market value for each of the Merry Dale properties offered, or for all 3 properties together? If $18,000 is for all 3 properties, what is the Fair Market Value of lot #18939?


    Is there a minimum bid on any of the properties listed for auction?


    RE: 18939 Merry Dale Lane - Was "Wet Land" specifically mentioned in the description of any comps performed in order to value this lot?

A2a: Acreages listed are estimates ONLY as listed within County Tax Map information. 

A2b: TGHA cannot answer this question. Each property listed will be sold in "As-is, Where-is" condition. 

A2c: FMV of $18,000 is per property as listed within County Tax Map information. 

A2d: There is no starting or minimum bids. Properties will be sold to highest bidder. 

A2e: The "estimated" value of all properties inclusive of the Notice of Public Sale was taken from Greenville County Real Property website. No comps have been performed. 

Q3: Would the financing for the home need to be a FHA loan or cash? Or what are the options for financing?

A3: No financing options are offered, or implied. See EXHIBIT B - FORM OF BID for Individual Property Acknowledgement:  I hereby acknowledge my understanding that: this is a cash sale and no owner financing is available; I must honor my bid for ninety (90) days from date of notification by TGHA of my bid acceptance; transfer of the property will be in the condition at time of sale; TGHA assumes no responsibility or liability for any condition(s) not visible or known at the property.

Q4: My daughter did not preregister to inspect the houses, is she allowed to put her sealed bid in on any or all the properties?

A4: Site visits for the purpose of assessing each house to prepare a bid was optional; therefore, your daughter can submit a sealed bid.

Q5: Do you have information on each property? What may need to be repaired (electrical, AC, roof, foundation, etc) if so could you please share?

A5: Site visits were made available to offer an inspection opportunity to all interested bidders. Each property listed will be sold in “As-is, Where-is” condition.

Q6: Most of the properties are pretty damaged, mold and mildew. Are any of these classified as condemned?

A6: No

Q7: Under what circumstances would TGHA reject a bid?


  • Reject any, or all bids:
  • Cancel this notice of public sale at any time in whole, or in part; 
  • Waive minor informalities in the bid process.

Q8: In what instance(s) would resubmitting a bid be considered if a bid is rejected by TGHA?

A8: A separate notice would be released setting the parameters for resubmitting a bid.

Q9: Can Bids be delivered to GHA office?

A9: Bids can be hand delivered to 122 Edinburgh Court, Greenville 29607.  Bids must be submitted on the stipulated Form of Bid included in the Bid Packet, delivered on or before stipulated deadline and presented in a manner that meets all requirements of the solicitation. Failure to do so will result in rejection of Bid.

Questions 10 through 13 were submitted before the October 5th deadline, but were inadvertently omitted from the initial release of Addendum 1.  

Q10:  How soon will buyer need to close if their bid(s) is accepted?

A10: The bid document suggests 30-days; however, Form of Bid states bid must be honored for 90-days. Closing should occur within 30 to 90 day timeframe.


Q11: Will there be any inspections/due diligence period allowed per the contract if bid selected?

A11: No – Each property is sold “As Is/Where Is”.


Q12: If interested in all 8 homes, can we make 1 bid with 1 earnest money deposit for all 8 properties or must they be done individually with 8 separate bid sheets and 8 earnest money deposits?


A12: As stated below within Form of Bid:

 EXHIBIT B - FORM OF BID for Individual Property

  1. Complete the information below for each property you bid, sign and date the form where indicated.
  2. Attach a cashier’s check or money order equal to 5% of the total bid amount.
  3. The name of the bidder must be stated in the legal format desired for title.
  4. TGHA reserves the right to cancel this Invitation for Bid at any time, as well as reject any 


Q13: Is there any stipulation that if they are purchased for rental purposes that they have to stay on the Section 8 program?

A13: There is no such stipulation is the Notice of Public Sale; however, GHA would appreciate buyers consideration of becoming Section 8 Landlord, and/or adding units to any existing Section 8 property owner portfolio.



The October 5th deadline to submit Questions has passed. No additional questions or revisions will follow this Q&A Addendum


Sealed Bids will be publicly opened on October 22, 2018, on or before 2:00pm local time as previously stipulated.