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TGHA's Phone System Update


In an effort to enhance service to our customers and the general public, we’ve made several changes to our phone system that we hope will generate a positive experience for you when calling our office.

Our primary number will remain 864.467.4250.


To expedite your way through the calling tree please refer to the options below


 phone system update




phone iconPRESS 1 – Housing Choice Voucher Department (Section 8)

You will then have a list of options to choose from. If you wish to speak with a case manager, the following options are available…..

  • PRESS OPTION 1 | Last name A to D’Oyley

Case Manager’s Name: Reyna Paul

Direct Line: 864.385.7838

Click Reyna Paul to send an email


  • PRESS  OPTION 2 | Last name Drummond to Kirskey

Case Manager’s Name: Brenda Gary

Direct Line: 864.467.4979

Click Brenda Gary to send an email


  • PRESS OPTION 3 | Last name Kittles to Samuel

Case Manager’s Name: Britanie Turner

Direct Line: 864.720.1191

Click Britanie Turner to send an email


  • PRESS OPTION 4 | Last name Sanchez to Z

Case Manager’s Name: Adrinne Dotson

Direct Line: 864.331.0162

Click Adrinne Dotson to send an email


  • PRESS OPTION 5 | Housing Choice Voucher Program Supervisor

Case Manager’s Name: Lois Bishop

Direct Line: 864.331.0163

Click Lois Bishop to send an email


phone iconPRESS 2 – Inspections or Moving to Greenville - Housing Choice Voucher Department (Section 8)

  • Moving to Greenville (also known as Porting to Greenville, SC)
  • Inspections Department

Contact Person: Robin Hudson

Direct Line: 864.385.7828

Click Inspections or Portability to send an email


phone iconPRESS 3 – Property Management and Maintenance

Contact Person: Melissa Hawkins

Direct Line: 864.467.4286

Click Melissa Hawkins to send an email


phone iconPRESS 4 – Accounting Department | Accounts Payable

Contact Person: Stacie Harris

Direct Line: 864.467.4275

Click Stacie Harris to send an email


phone iconPRESS 5 - Executive Director

Contact Person: Renee Allspach, Executive Assistant

Direct Line: 864.467.3083

Click Renee Allspach to send an email


Contact Person: Ivory Mathews, Executive Director

Direct Line: 864.467.4299

Click Ivory Mathews to send an email


phone iconPRESS 0 – Leave a Voice Message. All calls will be returned within 1 business day.