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Beyond Brick and Mortar: FSS 3rd Annual Night of Empowerment

Beyond Brick & Mortar: FSS 3rd Annual Night of Empowerment. On February 21, 2017, TGHA held its 3rd Annual Night of Empowerment honoring individuals having successfully completed their self-sufficiency goals and recognizing those who have made significant gains. Congratulations to the following award recipients: Crystal Corbin, Kelia Neal, Stephanie Sullivan, Latorsha White and Brittany Goldsmith! Job Well Done!

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Beyond Brick & Mortar FSS Night of Empowerment

Crystal Corbin
FSS Participant of the Year

Crystal joined the FSS program in January 2015. Her goals were to obtain a full-time position, inquire into the possibility of self-employment, review her credit, pursue homeownership, and return to college.  As she worked toward her goals, she soon realized that she had a passion to work with residents who felt the same way she did: “stuck”. With the help of her FSS Specialist, she established the TGHA Housekeeping program. She mentors residents and helps them to improve the environment in which they live. She has established her own company, “Heart Like Yours Housekeeping, LLC”. She has a sufficient credit score and is pursuing homeownership. She is also a homeschooling mother of three.


Keila Neal
FSS Self-sufficiency Award

In September of 2014, Keila’s life completely changed when she lost her home, her car, and her husband became incarcerated. “Everything seemed so cloudy and dark”, including the people she came in contact with. After relocating to Greenville with her infant daughter, her first home was in a shelter. After receiving a TGHA Homeless Voucher, she was able to move into an apartment. She met new people who wanted to see her succeed. Kelia joined FSS in April of 2016. Her goals were to become employed, improve her credit, and to pursue homeownership. In November of 2016 she became self-sufficient, and no longer receives any subsidy.  She continues to achieve her FSS goals.


Stephanie Sullivan
FSS Achievement Award

Stephanie joined FSS in 2010. Her goals were to become employed, improve her credit and pursue her undergraduate degree. In pursuit of her goals, she is employed at Walmart, and as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She has completed the Credit Smart Classes and continues to pursue her degree in Business Administration at Stayer University. 


Latorsha White
FSS Achievement Ward

If you want more you have to take action.  That’s what Latorsha did. In April of 2015, she made an appointment with an FSS Specialist. They talked about her hopes and dreams and how she could achieve them. The first step was to set three goals. Those were to rebuild her credit and increase her credit score, obtain full-time employment, and pursue homeownership.  She now has obtain a sufficient credit score, is working full-time at Morpho Trust USA, as an enrollment agent and is currently going through the pre-approval process for homeownership at USD Rural Development. 


Brittany Goldsmith
FSS Achievement Award

Brittany began the FSS program in October of 2013. Her goals were to become employed, to complete cosmetology school, to improve her credit score, and to enroll into the IDA Car Program. Through some hard work and staying focused, Brittney maintains one full-time and two part-time jobs. In March of 2014, she completed her course study in Cosmetology with Virginia College. She completed the IDA car program and bought a car from Community Works Carolina.


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