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Am I Eligible?

Individuals earning or living with low-incomes can afford to rent an apartment or single-family home at normal market rates through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. 

The Housing Choice Voucher program provides rental assistance to about 3,900 households in Greenville County, SC. This highly popular program has a waiting list that we are only able to open every few years. Applicants are then selected from the waiting list using a random lottery system. 

To meet the income guidelines, you must earn less than half (50%) of the typical income for a family of your size in the Greenville area. Use the chart below to find out.

Screenshot 2020-12-02 082444.jpg

To be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, you must:

1. Meet maximum income guidelines

2. Pass a criminal background check

3. Have at least one family member who is a citizen or legal resident of the U.S.


Once enrolled in the program, you may stay in your current home if it meets our quality standards, the rent is reasonable compared to similar apartments in the area and your current landlord is willing enter into a housing assistance payment with TGHA. You can also search for a new rental.

How to Apply

Applications not available at this time.