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TGHA's Affordable Housing e-News 2019

New Income Limits for Greenville County

On April 24, 2019, the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development released the new income limits. The income limits are used to determine initial and continued eligibility for the Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Program.

  • Income Limits of 80% of the area median income are used to determine the income limit for Public Housing families
  • Income Limits of 50% of the area median income are used to determine income limits for Housing Choice Voucher Program participants. 

Using the table below, find the row for your family size, and then find your annual household income in that row. Then look at the top of that column to find your percentage number. Your percentage number measures your income in comparison to the average family of your size in the Greenville area. You may want to write down your percentage number to remember it.

Income Limits - Updated April, 2019


CASE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENTS | To better serve you....

The Housing Choice Voucher program provides rental assistance to approximately 2,994 families. Families may contact their assigned Case Manager. Case management assignments are listed below. 

Applicant | Participant Last Name: A to D'Oyley

HCV Case Manager: Joyce Jones | 864.467.4291

Applicant | Participant Last Name: Drummond to Kirksey

HCV Case Manager: Roshelle "Danielle" Harris | 864.467.4979

Applicant | Participant Last Name: Kittles to Samuel

HCV Case Manager: Stacee Henderson| 864.467.4258

Applicant | Participant Last Name: Sanchez to Z

HCV Case Manager: Adrinne Clinkscales Dotson | 864.331.0162

Program Support Specialist

Contact: Tya Dooley | 864.467.4234

  • New Admissions
  • Landlord Support
  • Special Programs {VASH Veterans Program | Portability | United Housing Connections Homeless MOU | Soteria Reentry Housing Assistance}