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Greenville Housing Authority, like many housing authorities throughout the state of South Carolina, was originally established to provide subsidized rental assistance only to residents of its respective city. In the late ’70s/early ’80s, these city-established housing authorities were granted approval by their respective County Council to expand its footprint to unincorporated and incorporated areas of the county where there had not been a housing authority established. This explains why the Housing Authority of the City of Greenville (aka TGHA) jurisdiction includes Greenville County with the exception of the city of Greer. The expansion afforded these city housing authorities an opportunity to provide rental assistance to families living in the county via HUD’s Section 8 Certificate program.

July 23, 1976 | Greenville County Council grants TGHA authority to provide federal rental subsidies to 200 low and middle income families in Greenville County.

Rent subs to aid families newspaper

April 21, 1981 | Greenville County Council grants TGHA territorial jurisdiction to operate conventional public housing programs in all areas contiguous to the City of Greenville, including unincorporated areas of Greenville County.

April 23, 1981 | Greenville County Council gave a green light to 23 units of public housing single family homes scattered outside city boundaries and throughout the county.

Council oks public housing newspaper