The Greenville Housing Authority

Board Members

The Housing Authority is governed by a seven member Board of Commissioners. Members of the Board are appointed by the Mayor of Greenville and ratified by City Council. One member must be a resident of a TGHA property or program. Commissioners serve for five years and are capped at two terms.

Felsie Harris.jpg 

Felsie H. Harris – Chairperson                                         

Appointed: 10/01/2009

Reappointed:  10/08/2012                                     

Term Expires:  9/30/2017                                      

Pete Byford.jpg 

Peter Byford – Vice Chairman

Appointed:  12/8/2014

Term Expires:  9/30/2019

F. Diane Keller.jpg 

Diane Keller - Commissioner                              

Appointed:  10/22/2012                                         

Reappointed: 9/12/2016

Term Expires:  9/30/2021                                      

John Good.jpg

Jon Good - Commissioner

Appointed:  10/1/2011

Reappointed: 9/12/2016

Term Expires:  9/30/2021

Stinson Ferguson.jpg 

Stinson W. Ferguson – Commissioner

Appointed:  05/18/2015

Term Expires:  09/30/2017

Rakeyna Lewers.jpg

Rakenya Lewers – Resident Commissioner

Appointed:  09/28/2015

Reappointed: 9/12/2016

Term Expires:  09/30/2021

 Commissioner Rachel Kapley

Rachel Kepley – Commissioner

Appointed:  07/11/2016

Term Expires:  9/30/2020