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1990s - 2000s

Below is a chronological account of the Housing Authority of the City of Greenville, SC history. Please click on highlighted, underlined and or bold items to retrieve a copy of news articles and other materials to read more about the respective historical event. 


  • December 12, 1995: Mayor Knox White takes office and makes neighborhoods a major priority.

1995_12.12 - Mayor Knox White Takes Office 


  • September 26, 1996: Announcement of  a Public Hearing for the proposed demolition of 31 apartment units, renovation of remaining units, and implementation of new management plan for Mountain View Homes. 
  • October 3, 1996: Public Hearing held to discuss with residents the redevelopment plans for Mountain View Homes. 



  • August 21, 1997: Mountain View Homes Under Renovation: 32 of the 88 units at Mountain View to be torn down 

08.21.1997_Mountain View Homes Facelift - Renovations

  • November 16, 1997: Piedmont Healthcare Foundation awarded a $16,647 grant to Greenville Technical College and Greenville Hospital System to bring primary care to 480 low-income children across Greenville County. The mobile medical units (vans) traveled to six sites including Jesse Jackson Townhomes, Woodland-Pearce Homes, Westview Homes and Mountain View Homes. 


  • April 8, 1999: Mary Blackstone-Ross, named Executive Director
  • July 14, 1999: Armed with Federal Grant Residents take back neighborhood.
  • July 21, 1999: Mountain View Homes successfully rehabilitated and renamed Brookhaven Apartments.