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1970s - 1980s

Below is a chronological account of the Housing Authority of the City of Greenville, SC history. Please click on highlighted, underlined and or bold items to retrieve a copy of news articles and other materials to read more about the respective historical event.



  • May 20, 1971: Scott Towers Groundbreaking Ceremony

1971.05.20 - Scott towers Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • August 27, 1971: Mayor Heller Accepts $26,000 check in lieu of Public Housing Tax.

 1971.08.27 - Payment in Lieu of Taxes



1972.07.02 - Scott towers Changes Greenville skyline

  • November 3, 1972: J.C. Ballenger Electrical Contractors put power into Scott Towers for Duke Power. 

1972.11.03 - Scott towers gets electrical power


  • June 30, 1978: Robert G. Chamlee, Executive Director retires
  • July 1, 1978: John B. Sutton, named Executive Director