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1950s - 1960s

Below is a chronological account of the Housing Authority of the City of Greenville, SC history. Please click on highlighted, underlined and or bold items to retrieve a copy of news articles and other materials to read more about the respective historical event. 


  • May 26, 1950: Executed first Payment in Lieu of Taxes with the City of Greenville.  
  • August 30, 1950: Approved the Annual Contributions Contract with HUD to build 348 units (aka Fieldcrest Village). 
  • December 5, 1950: The McPhersons COmpany of Greenville was selected as the Architect for the 252 unit development, later to be known as Woodland Homes.


  • March 15, 1951: Approved the contract with Daniel Construction Company in the amount of $2,680,000 to build 348 units to be known as Fieldcrest Village.
  • October 16, 1951: Approved the Annual Contributions Contract with HUD to build 252 units (aka Woodland Homes). 
  • October 24, 1951: Sale of $3,512,000 in bonds to finance permanently two housing authority developments (Mountain View Homes and Fieldcrest Village) was awarded to the Chemical Bank and Trust Company of New Your. The firm, a syndicate with the Alester G. Furman Company, a local company was awarded the bonds at an interest rate of two and one-eighth per cent. 


  • January 25, 1956: Housing Authority make plans to open bids on bond issue of $1,925,000. The bonds will be sold to provide permanent financing on Woodland Homes, a 252 unit housing project completed in 1953 at a cost of in excess of $2,000,000. 


  • December 1, 1959: C.M. Ford appointed as Interim Executive Director (after the sudden unexpected death of James F. Daniel, Jr.)


  • March 18, 1960: Robert G. Chamlee, named Executive Director


  • January 11, 1961: The Mountain View Golden Age Club often met at Mountain View Homes. The club was organized in 1960 as a club of golden agers who sang songs and hymns. They would also occasionally play games like bingo. 


  • August 5, 1964: Opportunities in Low Rent Housing - The Housing Authority announced that any family who was living in overcrowded or substandard housing would be eligible to rent an apartment. The rent would be based on the families annual income and could range from $18 to $73 a month.  The opportunities for low rent public housing were Woodland Homes, Mountain View Homes and Fieldcrest Village.



  • July 18, 1965: Mountain View Homes served as a refuge for a family escaping Castro's Regime.

07.18.1965_Safe from Castro

  • September 29, 1965: 2,600 Greenvillians living in Public Housing. Robert G. Chamlee, executive director states, "The city and the federal governments realized that some people just can't afford safe, sanitary, decent housing. The homes were built to solve this problem". Those homes were.... Fieldcrest Village (348 units) - built in 1951, Woodland Homes (248 units) - built in 1952 and Mountain View Homes (88 units) - built in 1941.  


  •  December 21, 1966: Salvation Army Boys Club distributed Christmas gifts to residents of Mountain View Homes. 

12.21.1966_Boys Club Spreads Christmas Spirit